How to Create Beautiful and Inexpensive Centerpieces

Trying to find something to put on the center of your party or reception tables that won’t break the bank, but will still look great? – Here are a few inexpensive suggestions.

You can get inexpensive grapevine wreaths from your local craft store about 12 inches in diameter. Place in the center of each table. Buy purple and green seedless grapes wholesale. Wet the grapes with water, then dip in sugar to coat.

How to Create Beautiful and Inexpensive Centerpieces

How to Create Beautiful and Inexpensive Centerpieces

Drape these over the edge of the wreath, maybe three to four bunches per wreath. They look lovely, but they also serve a dual purpose. Guests can munch on them while waiting. You can also place a pretty bow on the wreath to match the wedding colors, so even if the grapes are gone, the wreath will still look pretty. If you want more glamour, adding flowers dusted in sugar.

Another tried and true idea is to put a round or heart shaped mirror in the center of the table with three pillar candles of different heights. You can wrap wire leaves around the candles in silver or gold to add more shimmer. You can also put pieces of Hershey kisses and other candies wrapped in foil around the candles, again. Guest always appreciate a sweet treat.

Another good idea is to put a smaller glass container inside of a large glass container. Fill the large container with real fruit, such as whole lemons or limes, green granny apples, or even red apples and nuts. You can fill the small container with water and add a pretty bunch of mixed flowers that match the theme of the wedding flowers. The inside container is small, so you won’t need all that many flowers to fill. If you’re getting married in the fall consider a variation on this idea. Use beans, or layers of seeds and nuts in the container and fill the small container with sunflowers or a few Gerber Daisy’s.

Large fish bowls can be a versatile focal point when it comes to creating centerpieces. They can be filled with water and a couple of real fish, or floating candles. The only problem with this, if you get the fish, you have to know in advance that you will have enough guests who would be inclined to take a bowl home with them!

If you can’t tell, I am definitely a fan of fresh fruit. It provides an array of color and texture that is pleasing to the eye and offers a pleasing fresh scent for the nose. Consider using a fresh pineapple, oranges, apples, grapes, plums, bananas, kiwi, or any other fruit that strikes your fancy, or is in abundance at that time of the year. They can be arranged in a pretty basket with a bow matching the wedding colors. Purchase as big or little as a basket that will look proportionate to the size table you will be using. You won’t want to stack the fruit too high, as it will be hard for guests to see over.

Practice before hand how you would like to arrange them. You can carve out the center of apples, and put tea light candles in them and arrange in a circle around the fruit. Also, if you like the look better, you can arrange the fruit on a round or oval platter, and it gives it a whole different look. Fill in with various nuts, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds. Practice arranging different ways, and in no time you will be a pro.

If you are in need of an ultra frugal piece, one can be made out of branches, nuts, pine cones, and other outdoor things that you spray silver or gold. Beads and ribbon can be woven through the arrangement, and small tea lights can be added, as long as you check to make sure they won’t create a fire hazard.

The sky is the limit on ideas–just use your imagination! Good Luck!

Suzanne Hallabrin is an avid crafter who enjoys passing tips and tricks onto fellow crafters.

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