Hawiaan Tropical Wedding Centerpieces

A tropical theme should be a fun idea to conceive your wedding concept around it. You could gather lots of items from various stores and start planning some details regarding the décor. You could use some small Hawaiian dancer figurines which you can place on the tables or maybe some flowers arrangements. Read more about this culture and find things which you can use.

For instance the hibiscus flower which is their state flower and which you can use for your décor. You could choose some pots or you can add the flowers I some bowls. Orchids and crown flowers will also work very nice and you can achieve some wonderful floral arrangements with these flowers. Another idea you could go for are some fruits and since this is a tropical theme the fruits should be tropical as well. Try carving some pineapples, mangos and use some coconuts. The coconuts can also be used as cocktail.

Hawiaan Tropical Wedding Centerpieces

Hawiaan Tropical Wedding Centerpieces (Source: weddingpartycenterpieces.com)

Add some colorful straws and you will have some delicious cocktails which can also be tasted and which will also decorate your table area. Umbrellas and funky shades along with some sandboxes are a good idea as well. You could use some seashells or you can bake some cookies shaped as sea stars or some palm trees. If you can do it yourself then don’t bother hiring a bakery if not then look at some specialized bakeries and place an order. Just have fun these ideas and try some new things until you get your desired look.

Hawiaan Tropical Wedding Centerpieces

Hawiaan Tropical Wedding Centerpieces (Source: a3.ec-images.myspacecdn.com)

Just buy the supplies from online shops and sites and see what you can use for your centerpieces. The flowers don’t necessary have to be real ones they can be silk and they will still look very lovely. You may also go for some candles and combine them with some flowers or with other types of decorations that you have in mind. Some videos or some other wedding pictures might be a good inspiration for you. Decide with your husband and make sure to accentuate your Hawaiian theme by using the right adornments.


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