Great Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

If you are planning a baby shower you need to keep in mind the value of the centerpiece. Depending on the mother-to-be’s personality, the shower can be an elegant affair or a casual get-together, and the type of shower will dictate the decor. Centerpieces are the first things guests notice.

Great Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Take into consideration several factors; does the new mom have a special fondness for a particular color, flower, candles, baby theme, baby book or perhaps a dessert? Any one of these can easily be turned into a fabulous centerpiece. Also remember to plan where you want to place the centerpiece. If you are planning a buffet you can use a larger piece in the center of the table. If room allows a seated dining area, then keep your arrangement lower, as to not block one another’s view.

Let me expand on some of these for you. Obviously a favorite color is an easy choice. Depending on your budget and how many guests you are hosting will determine some of these choices. Napkins, cloth or paper, come in a wide variety of colors.

If you choose to have a buffet, wrap the silverware in the napkin, tie it with a small color coordinated ribbon and place in a container; such as a wicker or wire basket. Balloons are also available in a wide variety of colors, easily available and are always festive.

As for the mom-to-be, the choice of flower could be her favorite, the flower of the month of the baby’s arrival or a baby clothes bouquet. Flowers are traditional for centerpieces for all occasions and they make lovely baby shower centerpieces, especially for a more traditional or upscale baby shower and they add an air of festivity to any room.

Again, keeping your budget in mind, you can either order a bouquet or arrange the flowers yourself. If you choose to tie your napkins with a ribbon and if the flower is small such as a violet, rosebud or daisy; tying it into the ribbon adds a feeling of class.

Floating flowers with floating candles also works well and adds a touch of elegance. Choosing a baby clothes bouquet not only makes a beautiful centerpiece, but a very special gift as well.

If the new mommy is a book worm you’ve got it made! There are so many great children’s books on the market that will allow you to let your imagination go wild.

Most importantly, have a good time planning. Keep it sweet, simple and you will not only stick to your budget, your guest will impressed. Move over Martha!

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