Fast And Easy Centerpieces For Your Holiday Table

Fast and Easy Centerpieces

1) Fill a basket with fruits and nuts and spread some of the nuts around the basket on the table.

2) Make an arrangement of different sized pumpkins, gourds, and squash. Spread a few leaves around the centerpiece and add orange, brown, or dark green candles.

3) Cut the tops off of small pumpkins and scoop out the centers. Place votive candles inside and make a grouping.

4) Make a bed of pine needles in the center of the table. Fill a basket with pine cones and tie a brown plaid taffeta bow on the handle.

5) Make floating walnut candles: Scoop out the meat from the walnuts and set aside the shells. Melt the stubs of old candles in a coffee can set in a pan of water on the stove. If you place the shells in a pan of sand it will be easy to fill each one without dripping wax on your hand. Use a short wick and hold upright in the center of each shell as you fill it with the melted wax. Float the candles in a pretty bowl filled with water.

6) Fill a bowl with water and float the tops of flowers such as chrysanthemums or marigolds. Surround with candles in fall colors.

7) Instead of a centerpiece, create a tiny arrangement of fall flowers in little vases, cups, or glasses at each person’s place. Use fall print napkins in fall colors and tie each one with a strand of ribbon. Tuck a flower under each ribbon bow.

Here are a few more table decorating ideas, use beautiful ribbons in different fall colors to tie printed or solid color napkins in autumn shades. A country patchwork quilt is the perfect table covering. Fruit is a nice theme for the thanksgiving table. It’s a welcome change from a centerpiece of go with this theme use napkins in a beautiful fruit print. Cut a square of 18 inches and hem all around. Choose one of the colors in the print for your tablecloth.

I like a country theme for this holiday and reserve the glitter and sparkle for Christmas. If you’ve started a patchwork quilt and have gotten as far as piecing the top, use it for a tablecloth in the meantime. Place a piece of thin cotton quilt batting or padding between the table and fabric.

Use artificial fruit such as a small cluster of grapes wired around each napkin. Or intertwine grape vines around the napkins.

With the holidays fast approaching I wanted to share some table decorating ideas.

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