Edible Bar Mitzvah Centerpieces – Candy!

I love when a centerpiece is not only gorgeous, but when it also does double duty too. And edible centerpieces are just that. They not only provide the essential décor for a party, they also serve as either the dessert or party favor.

My favorite way to make a candy centerpiece is to purchase glass bowls or vases at a craft store such as Michaels. They tend to be inexpensive. You can purchase all the same or a mixture of several.

Of course the next step is the fun part – filling them with candy. There are many variations possible:

1) Every table is filled with the same. For example, all tables have miniature Reeses ® cups, York® peppermint patties, Snickers®, M&M®s, jelly beans, etc. Or a mixture of all the same things.

2) Every table has a unique candy filling.

3) Every table has a color coordinated candy but the color is different from table to table. For example – all yellow jelly beans, all red M&M®s, etc. (I have a friend who purchased ‘umpteen’ large packages of M&M®s and she and her daughter spent hours separating the colors for specifically this purpose.)

Old fashioned candy stores are perfect when looking for unique candy fillings (remember – the candy doesn’t necessarily need to be wrapped (think chocolate covered raisin or nuts, Brachs®candies, etc.).

An elegant way to finish off the presentation of the centerpiece is to wrap a beautiful ribbon and bow around the glass container that is color coordinated to match the event (if there is a color scheme) or to match the color of the candy inside.

Make sure that eachtable has favor bags and a scoop so that everyone can help themselves to the candy before the night is over. Personalized favor bags are a nice tough and can be purchased through most online stationary stores.

Your guests, old and young alike, are going to love these centerpieces!

Cool Party Favors, Copyright 2014

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