Easy Wedding Centerpieces

Looking to add some style to your wedding reception? The best place to start is with the centerpiece design. Table arrangements need not be complex to be beautiful, either. Whether you are looking for DIY ideas or simply enjoy the look of uncomplicated floral arrangements, you will love these ideas for easy wedding centerpieces.

Easy Wedding Centerpieces

One of the easiest centerpiece ideas for a casual summer wedding is to get a bunch of galvanized tin pails to fill with flowers. They come in a wide variety of heights, so select the one which is most compatible with the length of your flower stems. Plain galvanized tin looks great for a casual beachy wedding, or get ones which are painted with enamel in your favorite color for a more polished style. The best blossoms for these vessels include bunches of wildflowers, hydrangeas, or tall stems like stocks and gladiolas. Very full blooms like hydrangeas tend to be the easiest to work with, as they need no real arranging. Just pop them in and you will be ready to go!

Fresh fruit can make a wonderful reception centerpiece. Let’s say that you are having a summer wedding and wearing a simple gown with unique handmade wedding jewelry. Complement your personal style with an equally unfussy and interesting centerpiece design. A tall clear glass footed urn filled with fresh lemons and limes makes an eye-catching centerpiece for an informal wedding. Your fruit can be more elegant, too. Gold-painted pears look striking lined up down the center of a long reception table. Mix in candles in varying heights and some greenery to create a lush table display that is as easy as it is elegant.

An easy updated centerpiece idea is to combine a trio of small vases instead of doing one large display. It is easier to put together and will tend to be less costly as well. There are numerous ways to approach the design of your centerpiece trio. You can use the same type of flower in three different colors, choose a signature color and show it in three varieties of blossoms, or use non floral materials to make a statement, such as moss, smooth rocks, and sand. The possibilities are endless, it is simply a matter of matching the materials to your wedding style.

Candles are another fantastic option for easy as can be reception centerpieces. A large hurricane makes a great decoration for an outdoor wedding, and it can easily be modified to match your wedding theme. If you are having a beach wedding and wearing a chiffon wedding dress with beachy handmade jewelry, nestle your hurricane lantern in a bed of sand and surround it with chic red faux coral and starfish. Or go for a vineyard flavor with grapevines, bunches of deep purple grapes, and burgundy colored flowers. Displaying a candle centerpiece can even be as simple as setting pillar candles on top of glass candleholders on tall stems at varying heights. Set them on a mirrored surface to increase the play of candlelight.

There are many other pretty and simple options for reception centerpieces. In lieu of flowers, place a small decorative bistro lamp on each table (so elegant for evening), or use flowering plants placed in baskets or terra cotta pots. With so many gorgeous and easy ways to design a wedding centerpiece, you are sure to find a style that is perfect for your wedding!

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