DIY Winter Wonderland Wedding Centerpiece

Are you looking for the perfect DIY wedding centerpiece that is unique, gorgeous and easy to assemble? Branches are a great centerpiece alternative to a floral arrangement.

They give you a unique wedding look with stature that demands attention.  Branches are easy to work with and available to order in bulk, which translates into great savings for you budget brides.

For any winter brides has bleached mitsumata branches,4 feet tall and pure white. has created some stunning winter wedding looks including today’s winter wonderland centerpiece and the black and white sphere centerpiece featured a few weeks back using these branches.

Our winter wonderland centerpiece is the ideal height for reception tables.  They will wow guests with their stature as they walk into your venue to see 4 feet tall branches adorning the tables.  The allusion of traveling through a wintery forest will be given by these tall branches decorated with the sparkle of crystal garland.  As guests are seated they’ll find the centerpiece an ideal height; tall enough not to block their view of each other around the table.

So are you ready to get started?  Here’s the complete how to guide for the Winter Wonderland Crystal Branch Centerpiece, using 3 products, a couple of tools and only 4 steps.  Followed by some great ideas to style your Winter Wonderland wedding tablescape.

Centerpiece How To

DIY Winter Wonderland Wedding Centerpiece

crystal and branch centerpiece,

  1. Take 3 branches and form a tripod.  You need to bring them together at the right height so that they are balanced and will stand on their own.  Joining them a little higher than the middle will allow the bottom to support the top, remember these branches are 4 feet tall. See example.
  2. Once you have them joined at the right height take floral wire and wrap them together until they are secure.
  3. Take your crystal garland and wrap it up each of the branches.  Trim the garland as you go to be able to do each branch.  Ends of the garland can be secured with a dab of adhesive or double sided tape.
  4. Finish the whole look off by wrapping the crystal garland and a bit of the crystal spray around the point where the branches meet; hiding the floral wire that holds them together.

Style This Look

DIY Winter Wonderland Wedding Centerpiece

faux diamond runner with votive candles,

The DIY Winter Wonderland Crystal Branch Centerpiece would be a fitting wedding project for any winter wedding.  The frost and ice of the winter season is captured in the sparkle of the crystal garland and white branches.  The whole look is reminiscent of magical winter day walking through a forest of bare trees with the sun catching the fresh snow glistening in the tree branches.  Any bride would love to scatter a bit of sparkle and glam throughout her wedding.

For a few inexpensive wedding accessories to complete the winter wonderland wedding theme think  crystals, crushed ice, frosted glass, votive candles, rhinestones and feathers.  Step up the look of your reception bridal table with this great faux diamond runner, only $13.99, paired with a few softly lit votive candles and your tablescape will sparkle.

Stop back this Saturday for a complete run down on how to get a Winter Wonderland Wedding, from centerpieces, bridal bouquets, bridal accessories and more wedding design ideas. See you then!

DIY Winter Wonderland Wedding Centerpiece

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