DIY Winter Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Miniature Christmas trees, sleighs with flowers and balls, snowflakes and snow globes, tulle balls and Valentine’s Day hearts can be lovely centerpieces for your winter wedding. Even though winter weddings are less popular than those in spring, summer, and fall, there are advantages to having a wedding at that time.

Decorating for winter weddings is often easier, since many places that could be chosen for a wedding or reception are already decorated for the holidays.Centerpieces to coordinate with the decorations already in place can easily be made.Here are 5 ideas for winter wedding centerpieces that can easily be made at home.


Decorating in white for winter is traditional, and stunning arrangements can be made using this monochromatic theme; the addition of one or two other colors, especially dark shades, can also be eye-catching.If your wedding is to be held around the Christmas season, miniature trees make excellent centerpieces.Several months before December, you can purchase small, artificial trees that have already been sprayed with a white coating in craft stores.

The small trees can be decorated with all-white balls, tinsel, and other ornaments; most ornaments of any color can be spray painted white if you find ones you like that are other colors, and silver or white glitter can be added when the paint is still wet for additional sparkle.Adding tinsel ropes and balls in another color is another idea you might consider.The trees can be draped with battery-powered lights for a twinkling effect; when purchasing battery lights be sure to ask how long the lights will last, since some begin to fade within a few hours.


Wicker sleighs, or those made of other materials, can be found in craft stores, and they make an excellent base for a winter wedding centerpiece.The sleighs can be filled with winter flowers, such as forced tulip or narcissus bulbs, or silk or dried flowers of any kind.

If you are forcing the bulbs yourself, you will have to be exact with the timing to ensure the flowers are in bloom for your wedding date.Use some flowers with tall stems in the center of the sleigh and then fill the outer edges with smaller or trailing ones.Ivy looks especially pretty hanging over the sides of the sleigh.Toss in some Christmas balls in your wedding colors, such as glass ornaments with glittery sides, and you will have a lovely centerpiece for your tables.


Snow globes with a winter theme are usually very lovely, and make a nice centerpiece.Large snow globes are especially attractive, but can be quite expensive; if you know someone who is a collector they may enjoy the chance to let others see their collection. You can also buy snow globe kits at craft stores to make them yourself.A group of smaller globes can be just as striking as a large globe if you set them on different levels.Arrange several small boxes, stacking some on top of others.

Drape a white cloth over the boxes, add some glitter or confetti to resemble snow, and arrange the small globes on the levels you have created.If you are using a large globe, use a box a little larger than the globe for its base.Scatter snowflakes around on the cloth; you can find snowflakes in many different materials, such as glass, metal, paper, and ceramic, or even baked ones such as decorated cookies or pretzels.If you’re on a tight budget, you can make simple snowflakes by folding paper and cutting out spaces; add a coating of white glitter and you will have lovely additions to your centerpiece.


Tulle balls are very simple to make and have an elegant look when finished.Use a styrofoam ball in the size you want.Cut squares of tulle (thin net), which you can get in fabric stores or craft shops in several pale shades, and attach each square to a floral pick by bending the wire around the center of the square.

Push the pick part into the ball and continue all around the ball, spacing the tulle picks a few inches apart.The tulle will fluff out, and you can add more if needed.When the ball is completely covered in tulle, add some touches of silk ivy and little roses.Attach these to a floral pick also, and space out around the ball.If you want a taller centerpiece, you can attach the ball to a spray painted dowel, push the dowel into floral clay put into a painted flower pot, and you have a topiary.


If your wedding is to be held in February, Valentine’s Day decorations would be perfect.Valentine’s Day is all about love, and many ornaments you will find for that holiday would work well for your wedding centerpieces.Hearts can be found in a great variety of materials and sizes, from huge chocolate confections to the tiniest silver charms.The little pastel candy hearts commonly found in stores before Valentine’s Day can be tied in net bags that you can make by cutting large squares of net, filling them with hearts and then bringing up the edges and typing with ribbons.

Put all of the little candy bags into a large glass container, such as an oversized brandy snifter or a fishbowl, and you have an attractive centerpiece; the bags can also be favors for the guests.Put a metallic cloth or some crumpled tissue paper around the bottom of the glass container and scatter some flowers, hearts, or other small ornaments around the base.Candy centerpieces are popular since they can be eaten, and silver-wrapped chocolate kisses scattered around the edges of your main centerpiece would be well-received by your guests.

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