Delicious and Tasty Centerpieces Ideas

Centerpieces are unique piece of any celebration or event. There are many items that can make a great statement, but today the idea for a delicious and tasty centerpiece will make lasting memories for any important event.

Delicious centerpieces can be really unusual, fun and very tasty plus they will be gone before the party or celebration is over.

This type of centerpiece allows you to be creative and with a little extra effort, you have a very beautiful “edible” centerpiece.


1- Colorful sweet and tropical fruits are good for a summer wedding centerpieces or other celebrations.

2- Candy tree is another functional idea for birthday parties, bridal shower or graduation events. With a different colors of candies you will add a sweet personal touch to your celebrations.

3- Chocolate cover fruits are fantastic and attractive centerpieces. They are so easy and unique that you can make them yourself with a little extra time. Um! Why not have a bowl of hot melted chocolate and fruit for your guests dipping pleasure.

4- A very decorative basket with fresh banquettes and bread surrounded with a dip make a luxurious and elegant invitation to the table.

5- Edible bouquet of vegetable centerpieces is also an elegant and special touch. They are easy and if carefully cut like a flower arrangement it will capture the attention of your guests.

6- Desserts make for big surprises and are delicious and great for any occasion. Make sure they are bite size and in different variations. For a summer wedding offer cool desserts.

7- Every body loves donuts! Make a donut tower cake with special icing colors (your favorite). Set each table with donut tower cakes surrounded with extra icing, candies, m & m and etc.

Edible and tasty centerpiece ideas are unlimited. Take extra effort and time to find the best combination for your event.

Some considerations you can make would include vegetables and fruits that can mix together with other elements, making a great design arrangement centerpieces. Artichokes, asparagus, grapes, strawberries, lettuces, mini tomatoes, fresh herbs and other aromatic plants will bring an exotic fragrance to each table.

Remember each edible centerpiece needs to be appropriate for the season and the occasion. You can include flowers, but make sure it is a unique and unexpected edible centerpiece arrangement.

In conclusion, consider including edible centerpieces at your next event…Have fun, be creative!

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