Creative Centerpieces

If you are the artsy bride or just want to stun your wedding guests with your creativity, then creative centerpieces are a must for you! Creative wedding centerpieces can be made up of anything you desire. Anything you want to incorporate into your centerpieces, you can, and anything you can think of can be possible. Creative centerpieces are not only great conversation starters for your guests, but can also be fun and stylish.

A very popular creative centerpiece for your wedding is the upside down wine glass. This makes for a very distinct and artsy centerpiece look. You can decorate the glass however you want by adding little details with writing or even gems. All that you have to do is put a whole flower head in the wine glass. Then you can add a candle on top to the bottom of the wine glass (since it is upside down). This will create not only an illusion, but will leave guests wondering how you became so creative to come up with this idea! This idea is very simple but most would never think of it, which makes you very clever as well as creative.

If you are having a beach themed wedding, you can easily put many seashells and blue gems or pearls and Hawaiian flowers together in a vase. If you want to spice it up a little, instead of a vase, you can put them all together on a decorative plate or in glass bowls. Just having all of these beach like elements together will make for a very pretty and creative look.

Having a bird cage in the middle of your tables may seem a little farfetched. If the bird cages are rustic yet attractive, then you will end up with a very creative and unique look though. You can add a bouquet of flowers in each bird cage as well to get even more creative and interesting. Something else you can do with the bird cages is having guests place cards inside. Usually this is done when you walk into the reception. How many times have you taken a break from dancing or mingling to just sit down at your table while at a reception though? If there are note cards left at each place setting, then throughout the night, your guests will be able to write cards to you newlyweds and simply place them in their bird cage at their table. This is a very practical, yet creative centerpiece idea.

If you like the idea of having food or snacks involved in your wedding centerpieces, creativity can still be achieved. A creative centerpiece involving food can be done with fondue. You can get heart shaped bowls and fill them with different kinds of fondue. Then you can have heart shaped crackers, fruits, and candies that the guests can dip in the fondue. As long as you are thinking outside the box and incorporating creativity, something like fondue can be very appealing and different. Just add shapes, colors, decoration, and little details to everything.

Remember that your creative centerpiece is going to be the focal point to your guests for most of the evening. Get enthused about it and enjoy showing off your creativity! It will not be forgotten!

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