Creating The Perfect Table Centerpiece With Chinese Cloisonne Vases

When it comes to creating the perfect table centerpiece, the best way to go about it is to use a Chinese cloisonne vase. Chinese Cloisonne vases are well known for their beautiful patterns and textures. In this article we are going to discuss how to pick and use cloisonne vases to create the perfect table centerpiece for your home.

Creating The Perfect Table Centerpiece With Chinese Cloisonne Vases

How to pick a Chinese Cloisonne vase

When picking a cloisonne vase for your table centerpiece, you need to keep in mind what theme you’re going for. While these vases certainly look oriental each one has a specific theme painted upon them. Some have flowers, while others have dragons or imagery from a river side. A perfect example for picking the perfect vase is the following. If you are planning a big feast for the start of Fall try and find a vase with very soft Fall colors. A perfect example would be a white base with red, orange and brown colors painted upon it. A lot of Chinese vase sellers have vases with birds in these Fall colors. This would be the perfect selection for your table. Alternatively, you can always have a white tablecloth with a very colorful decorative vase. It would be able to accent your table without it seeming too busy.

How to use a Chinese cloisonne vase

When you use a Chinese vase, especially ones that have a lot of decorations, you need to become minimalistic with your flower arrangements. Don’t ever try to pack an entire bouquet of flowers in your vase for a table centerpiece. This will create a very busy feel to the centerpiece and might ruin the effect. To create a very special feel for your vase you can use bamboo sticks with very limited amount of flowers. The perfect combination can be as simple as two bamboo sticks with a few plum blossoms. If you cannot find plum blossoms in your area you can find a similar sort of flower that can be used.

Remember when looking for a Chinese cloisonne vase that you pick something that represents your personality and the table setting you’re going after. If you want to create a Christmas theme with a bit of an oriental touch, purchase a red vase. Use flowers and decorations sparingly as the cloisonne vases are often decorative enough by themselves. With these few tricks and tips that we’ve discussed in this article you’ll be able to make the perfect centerpiece for your table.

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