Communion Centerpieces – So Many Ideas!

A focal point of a celebration is often the party’s centerpiece. When most people think of a centerpiece – they think ‘flowers’. But there are so many other options available to you! Here a few to start your creative juices flowing:

Edible Centerpieces:Guests delight in a centerpiece made out of sweets. Not only because it is visually attractive, also because they know that it is a sign of the delicious treats they soon will indulge in.

Communion Centerpieces - So Many Ideas!

1. Cupcake Centerpiece: Cupcakes are all the rage and look wonderful displayed in cupcake stands (which can be purchased online or at stores such as Target). You can decorate them yourselves or purchase them from a baker. Supermarket bakeries are a lower cost alternative and usually welcome opportunities like this.

2. Cake Centerpiece: Whether it is a layer cake or a sheet cake – once again you can make this as the focal point of your party. If a sheet cake – you may want to have your child’s image on it – most bakeries offer photo frostings or you can design your own at Layer cakes, especially a few different ones, look beautiful set out on cake pedestals of varying heights. If you don’t have enough (and who does – borrow from family or friends).

3. Candy Centerpiece: Simply purchase clear vases from a craft store or even your supermarket floral department and fill them with colorful candies such as jelly beans, M&Ms, hard candies, etc. Towards the end of the party set out scoops and candy bags for people to fill before they leave.

Favor Centerpieces: Favor centerpieces are usually cake shaped and made of favor box ‘slices’. The boxes can be filled with candy, flower seeds, a scented votive candle. A wonderful centerpiece is a Rosary Favor centerpiece – the same idea as above but inside there is a rosary.

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