A Chocolate Bouquet Makes a Unique Centerpiece

Give the Gift of a Chocolate Bouquet and Get the Conversation Started

A chocolate bouquet is great for any occasion whether for a hostess gift or centerpiece at a wedding and is a sure way to get the conversation started. It is unique because it isn’t something that everyone thinks of.

A Chocolate Bouquet Makes a Unique Centerpiece

Parties and special occasions happen throughout the year. Sometimes it’s nice to show your host how much you appreciate her and her hard work for throwing a party together and welcoming you into her home. Almost everyone loves chocolate and if they don’t, they know someone who does. This sweet treat has been making taste buds dance for centuries.

Bringing a chocolate bouquet to your first holiday gathering with your new in-laws or to dinner at your bosses house is a great way to show your love or appreciation. Think of the conversation your bouquet will spark as aunt and uncles gather around the dining room table or your boss’s kids’ faces light up with joy as they see sweet chocolate gifts sitting before them.

Making conversation with new family members can be awkward and nerve-wracking for some. Someone is sure to ask about the chocolate bouquet centerpiece, sparking a conversation about its uniqueness and chocolate itself. Conversation is a big part of getting to know someone, becoming comfortable around them, and creating a relationship with them.

A good conversation requires a conversation starter and you brought one by bringing a chocolate bouquet. Good conversation also requires listening, establishing common ground and having a topic of interest to talk about. A fun fact that many people don’t know about chocolate is the legend associated with the sweet treat.

Before chocolate was turned into bars and sweetener was added, it was drunk as a hot liquid. Legend has it that anyone who drank the chocolate would be instilled with health, passion, faith and strength. Symbolically, chocolate was very valuable.

If conversation isn’t on your mind, but your wedding is, think about using a chocolate bouquet as the centerpiece on each table at your wedding. It is a great way to remember your big day. You can even have printed chocolate with a picture of the bride and groom or your names printed on the chocolate.

Besides how beautiful the bride was, everyone will remember the chocolate bouquet at their table. Don’t be surprised if this idea catches on among your friends and family and you start seeing a chocolate bouquet on the tables at their weddings too.

To save money, give the chocolate bouquets away as wedding favors. At some weddings, the “left and right” game is played. To begin, someone at the table holds the centerpiece, in this case, the bouquet. Someone, the DJ or best man, reads a story.

Every time the word right is said, the bouquet gets passed to the right and the same for the word left. At the end of the story, whoever is left holding the bouquet gets to take it home with them. Create a long-lasting memory and bring smiles to many faces at dinner or your wedding with a chocolate bouquet.

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