5 Original Ways to Make Fall Wedding Centerpieces

If you are a fall bride you are likely looking for unique ways to decorate your reception hall. This is one of the key areas of your wedding where you can really show your fall wedding theme in all of its glory. However, the most important and immediate decoration will be the centerpieces. These are the table decorations that are the “center” of the table arrangements where you guest will be seated.

5 Original Ways to Make Fall Wedding Centerpieces

Having you decorations so close to your guests means that they can be open to full scrutiny so you want to decorate each table with innovative and creative centerpieces. There are several ways to do this and have it match your fall theme. Here are some great design tips and ideas to help you as you create the fall centerpieces for your wedding.

First, find a table decoration that is the right size. The danger with a central table decoration is that there is the risk of making it to big. This is a problem because if your are using smaller tables that seat fewer guests there is the risk that a large table decoration will take away space that could be used for plate ware and condiments. Instead try to go with fall centerpieces that are moderate in size and balanced equidistantly from the dinnerware of all the guest at the table and their placeholders.

Use pumpkins for an original touch. Pumpkins are one of the most versatile natural decorations. You can go the Halloween route and make fall themed Jack O’Lanterns that can accent your tables with their creative imagery and warm glow of candlelight. Another way to use them is to use hollowed out pumpkins to hold fall floral arrangements of flowers and dried grasses. This way the pumpkin holder helps to make a novel impression on your guests.

Then of course there are the flowers themselves. Fall has an assortment of flowers you can still use despite the change in weather. First off make use of flowers left over from the summer wedding season such as roses. The flowers will look great and be at a great discount. Another thing is to look for specific fall blossom to use. The mild climate in North America still makes it possible to find these flowers in season. For example there are Chrysanthemums and Sunflowers. These are both bright vibrant flowers that would grace to any fall flower arrangement Also don’t be afraid to think out of the box and use dried grasses as well to give your floral centerpiece a more rustic look.

Also try coordinating your place cards with the center piece. For example if the center table decoration uses grain use sheaves of wheat as the design on the place cards. If you include pumpkin or apples use similar fruit and vegetable designs in your place card. You can also use this rule of thumb for all of your table decorations. Make sure that everything from the plates and napkins to the table cloth and condiment containers are coordinated with each other.

Finally if you want to have more of a harvest theme, then make use of fruits and vegetables that are normally harvested in the fall as part of your centerpiece. However, you need to keep it from simply look like a crate of groceries placed at the center of each table. Try to make it look nice and artistic. For example try putting fruits of the harvest in wicker cornucopias.

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